Reporting Vulnerabilities

To add an advisory to the RustSec database, open a Pull Request against this repository containing the new advisory:

Required Steps

  1. Create a file named in the crates/<yourcratename> subdirectory of the repository (you may need to create it if it doesn't exist)
  2. Copy and paste the TOML advisory template from the file in this repo. Delete the comments and additional whitespace, and fill it out with the details of the advisory. Surround the TOML data with ```toml and ``` markers.
  3. Write a human-readable Markdown description in the same file, after the ``` marker and a newline. Use this example advisory as a reference.
  4. Open a Pull Request. After being reviewed your advisory will be assigned a RUSTSEC-* advisory identifier and be published to the database.

Optional Steps

Feel free to do either or both of these as you see fit (we recommend you do both):

  1. Yank the affected versions of the crate.
  2. Request a CVE for your vulnerability. See for details: and . Alternatively, you can create a GitHub Security Advisory (GHSA) and let them request a CVE for you. In this case, you can add the GHSA ID to the RustSec advisory via the aliases field.


RustSec is a database of security vulnerabilities. The following are examples of qualifying vulnerabilities:

Moreover, RustSec also tracks soundness issues as informational advisories, independent of whether they are vulnerabilities or not. A soundness issue arises when using a crate from safe code can cause Undefined Behavior.

When in doubt, please open a PR.


Q: Do I need to be owner of a crate to file an advisory?

A: No, anyone can file an advisory against any crate. The legitimacy of vulnerabilities will be determined prior to merging. If a vulnerability turns out to be fake it will be removed from the database.

Q: Can I file an advisory without creating a pull request?

A: Yes, instead of creating a full advisory yourself you can also open an issue on the advisory-db repo or email information about the vulnerability to

Q: Does this project have a GPG key or other means of handling embargoed vulnerabilities?

A: We do not presently handle embargoed vulnerabilities. Please ensure embargoes have been lifted and details have been disclosed to the public prior to filing them against RustSec.