RUSTSEC-2020-0061: futures-task: futures_task::noop_waker_ref can segfault due to dereferencing a NULL pointer


Affected versions of the crate used a UnsafeCell in thread-local storage to return a noop waker reference, assuming that the reference would never be returned from another thread.

This resulted in a segmentation fault crash if Waker::wake_by_ref() was called on a waker returned from another thread due to it attempting to dereference a pointer that wasn't accesible from the main thread.

Reproduction Example (from issue):

use futures_task::noop_waker_ref;
fn main() {
    let waker = std::thread::spawn(|| noop_waker_ref()).join().unwrap();

The flaw was corrected by using a OnceCell::Lazy<> wrapper around the noop waker instead of thread-local storage.

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